Expanded View

An Expanded View of an Outcome shows you all the details and metadata related to the Outcome and let's you modify the information related to that Outcome.

Entering the Expanded View for an Outcome

  • Map View: Double click on any Outcome or while selected on an Outcome (with blue borders) use Enter key.

  • Table View: Click on the Outcome's statement.

  • Priority View: Hover over the High Prioruty Outcome'x box and then click on the Expand Icon on top left side of the box.

Expanded View variations based on the Outcome's Scope

Depending on the Scope of the Outcome you find slightly different options on the right and left columns of the Expanded View. For example:

  • Small Scope Outcome has Tasklist tab on the left but Big and Uncertain Scope Outcomes have Children List tab instead.

  • The Achievement Status for Big Scope Outcome is entirely computed and can't be manually changed.

  • If an Outcome doesn't have children you have the option to toggle the Scope between Uncertain and Small.

  • Only Uncertain Scope Outcome can be marked as In Breakdown mode.

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