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How to keep your project data safe while using Acorn alpha

Given that we are dealing with a novel database (Holochain) we are keen to make sure that people can use the app and that it responds reliably. In testing Acorn, we are not just testing our own software application built with Holochain, but Holochain itself, as Acorn is probably the app that is closest to “production ready” built completely on top of Holochain. We hope you are as excited as we are to see this happening.

As you use Acorn, please try to do so in a careful considered way, at this early phase. We invite you to try inputting information that relates to a real project you are working on, and to use it for actual tracking of work during your day to day, but we advise against making Acorn the one and only place you enter or store that information.

One way to feel secure with your data is to regularly click on ‘export’ and download a JSON export of your whole project. This file will safely keep an up to date snapshot of your data and give you the option to re-import that data into a new project.

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