You can add Tags to any Outcome to categorize them and to easily filter through them in the Table View. Tags can have a custom name and associated color.

Creating a Tag or Adding a Tag to Outcome

To create a Tag or Add a Tag to Outcome, do one of the following:

  • In Table View

    1. Click on the Outcome's Statement to open the Expanded View for that Outcome.

    2. In the middle column, click on Add/Edit a Tag button to open the Tags popup.

    3. To create a Tag, click on Create a Tag button, and fill out the Label for the tag and choose a hex color code for the Background Color of the Tag. You can also choose a background color from the app's preset color swatches by clicking on the color swatch next to the Background Color field. Then click one of the swatches to select that color.

    4. To add an existing Tag, click on the desired Tag from the Tags List to select.

    5. To close the Tags popup click on Add/Edit a Tag button again.

  • In Map View

    1. Double click on the Outcome card to open the Expanded View for that Outcome.

    2. Follow the same instructions as described above.

In the current version of Acorn, created Tags are not editable or delete-able yet, but they can be added to removed from an Outcome at any time.

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